Approval/Reservation of Business Entity Name

All insurance companies in New York State must register their names.



All insurance companies must be registered as a corporation. Insurance companies are not permitted to use trade names in New York and must receive prior approval from the NYS Department of Financial Service. Name changes for entities must also receive prior approval. The name must first be submitted to the NYS Department of Financial Services for consideration/approval before filing for licensure. It is highly recommended that foreign insurers have their business entity name approved prior to submitting an application. Words that must receive approval include: benefit, bond, casualty, doctor, indemnity, insurance, investment, lawyer, title, trust and underwriter. All entity names and trade names used by an individual, partnership or limited liability company must be approved by DFS, however, there is no fee required for the name approval of licensees other than actual insurance companies.


1. By-Laws, Always Required
2. Charter Statement, Always Required
3. Notice of Intention, Always Required

How to Apply

1. See form below.


• Business information
• Copy of Certificate of Incorporation or equivalent


Required Fees

FilingNo$25Filing fee is only for corporations.
FilingNoFiling fee is only for corporations.

Payment Options:

Personal Check; Postal Money Order; Certified Check
Make checks payable to the Superintendent of Financial Services

Duration & Processing

Additional Info

1. Notice of Intention: Need also to provide the name and address of a newspaper of general circulation which is proposed to publish the Notice of Intention

For additional information/Sponsor Agency:

Financial Services, Department of

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