Application to Register for a Sales Tax Certificate of Authority

This registration authorizes the collection of sales and use tax on certain property and rentals.


5 Days




A registration authorizing the collection of sales and use tax on the sale of taxable tangible personal property, rentals, specific taxable services and purchases of tangible personal property for resale.

How to Apply

1.  Gather the information you'll need to complete your application.
2. Select Apply Online, below, to begin.


• NY.gov Business account
(If you have an Individual NY.gov account, you will still need to create a NY.gov Business account to access New York Business Express.)
Application Checklist
Form DTF-17.1, Business Contact and Responsible Person Questionnaire
Instructions for the Application for a Sales Tax Certificate of Authority


Duration & Processing

Application Processing Comments: Renewable at the discretion of the Department of Taxation and Finance
Common Denial Reasons: Insufficient information; Incorrect information; Applicant is not current with tax filings or tax payments

Additional Info

1.  Permit applications can be rejected by the agency without being approved or disapproved
2. The agency has an appeal process for a denied application
3. Permit/license must be posted

Renewals and Amendments

  • Renewal Information: The Sales Tax Certificate of Authority is renewable at the discretion of the Department of Taxation and Finance.
  • Amendment Information: To change your business physical or mailing address, or phone number, see Change your individual or business address. To add or update your responsible person information, log in to your Taxation and Finance Business Online Services account and select Sales tax – other services, then Manage sales tax responsible persons from the Services menu. If you are adding a business location, select Apply Online, above, to complete a new application for the new location. Next steps: We will send you a new Certificate of Authority if you changed any information that appears on your Certificate of Authority (business name, address, or vendor identification number); you may destroy the old certificate. We will not send you a new Certificate of Authority if you have changed information that does not appear on your certificate (business telephone number; owner, officer, or responsible person; business activity). Continue to use your current Certificate of Authority.

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Taxation and Finance, Department of

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