Certificate of Attestation of Exemption (CE-200)

This certificate attests that a business is not required to carry New York workers' compensation and/or New York disability and paid family leave benefits insurance.


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NYS Workers' Compensation Law requires that a business produce proof of workers' compensation and/or disability and paid family leave benefits coverage to a state or municipal agency when it seeks to obtain a license, permit or contract. If the business is NOT required to carry workers' compensation and/or disability and paid family leave benefits insurance, the business can request from the Workers' Compensation Board an attestation of exemption stating that it does not require coverage. The business presents this affidavit to the state or municipal agency as part of the permit process.

There are limited situations where businesses are exempt from providing workers' compensation and/or disability and paid family leave benefits coverage. The most common situations are: the business is owned by one individual with no employees and is not a corporation; the business is a partnership under New York laws, and there are no employees; or the business is a one or two person owned corporation, with those individuals owning all of the stock and holding all offices of the corporation, and there are NO employees.


  1. Federal Employer Identification Number or Social Security Number.

How to Apply

  1. You may apply online. Please see the help guides for Business and for Not-For-Profit Organizations.

  2. Sign in or create a NY.gov account.

Apply Online as Homeowner Apply Online as Business


• Federal Employer Identification Number or Social Security Number
• Business information (legal name, address, etc.)
• Type of permit, license or contract
• Name of Issuing Agency


Duration & Processing

Application Processing Comments: Received immediately if applying online. Paper process takes up to 4 weeks.
Common Denial Reasons: Applicant is required to have workers' compensation and/or disability benefits insurance coverage.

Additional Info

1. The NYS Workers' Compensation Board's primary identification for your business is your Federal Employee Identification Number or FEIN #.

2. Effective September 2007, NYS Workers' Compensation Law, Article 2, Section 32-a requires all out-of-state employers with employees working in New York to carry a full workers' compensation insurance policy.

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Workers' Compensation Board

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