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Registration of Radiation Installation (DOH - 373)

Registration is required for all radiation producing equipment.


30 Days




Registration required for all radiation producing equipment in New York State to provide accountability and to ensure safety standards and compliance through inspections. Any person, place, facility, or mobile unit where ionizing radiation equipment installation (x-ray equipment or device that can emit radiation by virtue of the application of high voltage) is maintained and operates in the healing arts or in educational institutions must register. Examples of places, facilities, or mobile units are: hospital; medical, dental, chiropractic, osteopathic, podiatric or veterinarian institution, clinic or office; an educational institution; a commercial, private or research laboratory performing diagnostic procedures or handling equipment or material for medical use; or any trucking, storage, messenger or delivery service establishment. X-ray facilities operating in New York City must register with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's Office of Radiological Health at 212-676-1580. X-ray facilities operating outside of New York City must register with the NYS Department of Health's Bureau of Environmental Radiation Protection. The owner/operator of the x-ray equipment is solely responsible for the registration of their x-ray equipment. The forms filed by the installer of the x-ray system do not ensure that the x-ray equipment is properly registered.

How to Apply

1. See form below.


Required Fees

Registration $15.00 - $1,370.00Registration fee varies from $15 to $1,370 depending on the category of the facility and the inspection criteria. The amount of the fee due may be prorated to correspond to the length of the period covered.

Payment Options:

Personal Check; Postal Money Order; Certified Check
Make payable to the NYS Department of Health

Duration & Processing

Common Denial Reasons: Insufficient information; Incorrect fees

Additional Info

1. The agency has an appeal process for a denied application.
2. Permit/license must be posted.

For additional information/Sponsor Agency:

Health, Department of

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