Warehouse Permit

This authorizes the holder to store alcoholic beverages in a location other than the licensed premises.



This permit authorizes the permittee to store alcoholic beverages in a location other than in a licensed premises. A diagram of the proposed licensed area, proof of liability insurance, photographs of the interior and exterior and a $5,000 penal bond is required.


Agency: Board of Fire Underwriters; Permit: Certification of Insurability


1. Diagram of the proposed licensed area, Always Required
2. Proof of liability insurance, Always Required
3. Photographs of the interior and exterior, Always Required
4. $5,000 penal bond, Always Required

How to Apply

1. You may apply online.
2. Sign in or create a NY.gov account.


Required Fees

License/PermitYes$768For three years. Fee is pro-rated.

Payment Options:

Personal Check; Postal Money Order; Certified Check
Make payable to the New York State Liquor Authority

Duration & Processing

Common Denial Reasons: Failure to comply

For additional information/Sponsor Agency:

State Liquor Authority

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