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This certificate is required to establish a religious corporation.


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A religious corporation is a corporation created for religious purposes pursuant to the Religious Corporations Law.

For tax exemption information, contact the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance, Corporation Tax Bureau, W.A. Harriman State Campus, Albany, NY 12227, (518) 485-2889 and the United States Internal Revenue Service at (877) 829-5500.

How to Apply

Corporations formed under the Religious Corporations Law are generally created by filing a Certificate of Incorporation with the office of the county clerk in the county the corporation has its principal office or place of worship. Religious corporations that do not have or do not intend to have a principal office or place of worship in New York are required to file a Certificate of Incorporation with the New York State Department of State. The Certificate of Incorporation must be drafted by the filer by following the requirements of the Religious Corporations Law. It is advisable that legal papers be prepared under the guidance of an attorney.

Required Fees


Optional Fees

Payment Options:

Fee payments for certificates of incorporation filed with the Department of State include: personal checks made payable to the NYS Department of State, postal money orders, and credit cards (MasterCard, Visa and American Express).

Duration & Processing

Processing information for county clerks’ offices may be obtained by contacting the appropriate county clerk’s office.

Additional Info

1. Contact the County Clerk's office in the county where the corporation has its principal office or place of worship. Website: http://www.nysegov.com/map-NY.cfm

2. Documents submitted to the Department of State must be enclosed in a white cover sheet that sets forth the title of the document being submitted and the name and address of the individual to whom the receipt for the filing of the document should be mailed.

3. Corporations are required by statute to conduct activities under their true legal or “real” name. If a corporation wishes to conduct activities under a name other than its true legal name, a certificate of assumed name must be filed with the NYS Department of State. The filing fee for a Certificate of Assumed Name is $25. Additionally, the NYS Department of State collects county clerk fees for each county in which the corporation does/transacts business. For each county outside of New York City the fee is $25. For the five counties within New York City (Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens, and Richmond), the fee is $100. The total fee for a corporation to file a certificate of assumed name in all counties in New York State, including the NYS Department of State's fee, is $1,950.

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