Sole Proprietorship

This certificate is required to establish a sole proprietorship.



The simplest form of a business structure owned by one individual is a sole proprietorship. All business responsibilities and decisions are those of the single owner. The owner of a sole proprietorship has unlimited liability for the business. Income and expenses of the business are included on the owner's own tax return. The retirement or death of the sole proprietor ends the life span of the business. 

Application Information:

To operate as a sole proprietorship using an assumed name, you must complete, notarize, and file an "assumed name certificate" also known as a DBA with the county clerk where the business is conducted or transacted. Purchase this form from a legal stationery store in New York. You may wish to have an attorney assist you in the preparation of this or any other legal document.


The basic filing fee is $25 in all counties except for the five counties of New York City where the fee is $100. The fee for a certified copy is $4.00/per copy and $10.00/per copy in New York City.

Processing Information:

The county clerk keeps the original form on file.

Additional Requirements/ Information:

You may require certified copies for banks where the business has bank accounts as well as for display at the business premises. NOTE: Some business licenses may require a certified copy.

Online Filing:

Contact the County Clerk's Office in the County where your business will be located to find out about online filing availability.

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