Pawn Shop Laws and Regulations Law

This document provides useful information on laws related to pawn shops.



A license must be obtained from the local government (City, Village, Town, or County) in order to carry on the business of collateral loan broker also known as a pawn shop. In addition, a licensed collateral loan broker must file a registration statement with the New York State Comptroller in order to carry on the business. The registration helps to ensure that the Comptroller can update Collateral Loan Brokers on the filing requirements under the NYS Abandoned Property Law.

To view applicable laws for collateral loan brokers (pawn shops), please see the NYS General Business Law, Article 5 - Collateral Loan Brokers through the link below.

To view applicable New York State's Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYCRR) for collateral loan brokers (pawn shops), please see Title 2, Chapter 1, Part 13 - Accounts Payable From State Funds and Funds Under Its Control'. View 'Part 15. Collateral Loan Brokers' through the link below.

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Comptroller, Office of the State

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