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This document provides useful information for businesses engaged in the jewelry industry.



Congress passed the National Gold and Silver Marking Act, referred to as the National Stamping Act, in 1906. The Federal Trade Commission's Jewelry Guides provides information for businesses as well as consumers on how to describe jewelry products truthfully and non-deceptively and how to disclose material information to consumers. Contact the FTC or visit their website link below for jewelry guides and information.

New York passed its own law under the NYS General Business Law, Articles 13 and 13-A with regards to markings of silver, gold, diamonds, and platinum. Article 13-B establishes guidelines for appraisers of jewelry, works of art, watches, and objects made from or containing precious stones or metals. To view the NYS Business Law, Articles 13 – 13-B, visit the NYS Legislature's website through the link below.

New York has regulations with regard to the use of scales in the retail sale of precious gems, semiprecious gems, and precious metals. Contact the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets for guidelines or visit their website.

To view the New York's lien law that protects jewelry repair shops for unpaid services, 'Article 8 – Other Liens on Personal Property', and 'Section 186 Lien of Bailees for Hire' through the links below.

A trade association is a valuable source for information, services and advice for your business. The 4 associations linked below are for reference purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement.

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