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Dentistry - Dentist

This document contains useful information for dentists.



The Board of Regents and the NYS Education Department oversee the preparation, licensure, and practice of the professions. A professional license is the authorization to practice and use a professional title in New York State. If you meet all the licensure requirements, you will be issued a license number and be entitled to practice in New York State as of the effective date of licensure. To practice in New York under the authority of your license, you must register every three years (two years for medicine). You are automatically registered for your first registration period when your license is issued.

The practice of the profession of dentistry is defined as diagnosing, treating, operating, or prescribing for any disease, pain, injury, deformity, or physical condition of the oral and maxillofacial area related to restoring and maintaining dental health. The practice of dentistry includes the prescribing and fabrication of dental prostheses and appliances. The practice of dentistry may include performing physical evaluations in conjunction with the provision of dental treatment. Only a person licensed or otherwise authorized to practice under NYS Education Law, Article 133 shall practice dentistry or use the title dentist. To employ general anesthesia, deep sedation, or conscious sedation (parenteral or enteral route with or without inhalation agents), at any location other than a general hospital, dentists must meet additional requirements and obtain a dental anesthesia/sedation certificate from the NYS Education Department. New York State licensed dentists who use acupuncture in their professional practice must be certified through the NYS Education Department.

To obtain a license application or information, contact the NYS Education Department, Office of the Professions or visit their website. The website provides a summary of the requirements for licensure or certification, links to applicable laws and regulations, as well as the required application forms.

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