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Environmental Conservation, Department of

1 Year/5 Year Black Bear Tracking Dog License (BTD-1, BTD-5)

This license allows a person to train dogs to track black bears.

Motor Vehicles, Department of

30-Day Temporary Motor Vehicle Authorization

This permits the holder to use the vehicle temporarily.

Motor Vehicles, Department of

72-Hour Trip Permit (IRP-3, IRP-4)

This is a temporary registration for out of state vehicles.


76West Clean Energy Competition

76West is an unparalleled $20 million competition designed to attract entrepreneurs and resources from around the globe to build clean energy businesses and create jobs in the 11 counties that make up New York State's Southern Tier Region.

Taxation and Finance, Department of

A Dealer's Guide to Sales and Use Taxes on Long-Term Motor Vehicle Leases in New York State

This page provides useful sales tax information regarding long-term motor vehicle leases in New York State.