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State, Department of

Appraisal Management Company License Application

License allows individuals or businesses to provide appraisal management services in New York State (NYS).

Financial Services, Department of

Stock, Property and Casualty Insurance Company License - Alien (AUSB S-10)

This allows an alien insurer to operate an insurance company in the State.

Financial Services, Department of

Acquisition of a Savings Bank and Loan Branch Office by a Bank/Trust Company

This allows a bank or trust company to acquire branches from a savings bank or savings and loan association.

Transportation, Department of

Authority to Transport Household Goods (RA 51-1)

This permit allows motor carriers to transport household goods within New York State.

Transportation, Department of

Authority to Transport Passengers (RA 50-1)

This permit allows a person to provide intra-state transportation in buses or full-sized vans.