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xAttention Unemployment Insurance (UI) claimants: New York Business Express and the NYS100 registration application is only for New York State employers to use to register for UI coverage for their employees. To file a personal claim for UI, you must go online to . Read more about how to file a claim and see a step-by-step guide to online filing.


The New York Forward Business Guidance Wizard provides information with respect to current health protocols and restrictions on businesses and business activities for operations.

By entering your region and business type, businesses should be able to:

  1. Determine specific protocols required for your business operations;
  2. Be directed to review industry-specific public health and safety guidelines, if applicable, and, where any guidelines exist, be directed to submit an affirmation form for having reviewed and understood such guidelines; and
  3. Be directed to complete a business safety plan to outline how your workplaces will prevent the spread of COVID-19, either by direct link from this wizard or, where industry-specific guidelines apply, as linked to after you submit the affirmation form.

To access this information, please click on the “Get Started” button below: