New York Business Express

Welcome to New York Business Express

Welcome to New York Business Express

To streamline the process of starting a business in New York State, we are pleased to offer citizens and businesses access to a comprehensive resource for starting, running, and growing a business in New York. Using a redesigned platform with new functionalities, NY Business Express helps a user to quickly learn about and access what they need in one central location.

New York Business Express, including the information and resources therein, is open to all citizens, along with current and prospective business owners, without a login. Here are some of the key innovative features offered through this website:

• To get started, visit the Business Wizard, which leads users through a series of questions to create a Custom Business Checklist that helps determine which New York State, as well as federal and local, requirements apply to their business.
• New and returning users are encouraged to utilize the Incentive Guide to find out what New York State incentives and support programs they may be eligible for.
• Those who know what forms they need can access the Business Index at any time to search and access what they need quickly and easily.
• A single phone number through which the citizen can get assistance with all their business and professional licensing needs.

New York Business Express aims to improve customer service to individuals and businesses in New York State by creating a clear path to starting a business as well as resources to help along the way.